We've had the opportunity to work with heaps of epic brands over the years, each time creating something awesome and unique. We're keen to work with your brand to explore a creative partnership that our global audience will love, pushing the limits in a new and exciting way.

In this second Callaway sponsored episode, we try a new concept - testing item durability by attempting to drive a golf ball through it using the new Callaway Rogue Driver.

12.2M Views (2 Videos)

Across a series of 9 videos, Ticino (Switzerland) welcomes the How Ridiculous team for some insane scale tests amongst the stunning landscapes. Most notably we managed to hit a trampoline with a bowling ball dropped 165M from the Luzzone Dam.

138M Views (9 Videos)

For our latest Guinness World Record attempt, Spalding provided the gear required to successfully land a basketball in a hoop from a staggering 201m (660ft) - beating our previous, and also Spalding supported, successful attempt at 180m (593ft).

83.1M Views (10 Videos)

To promote the newly opened Optus Stadium and an upcoming football game, we make use of the facility to film some crazy games and challenges - including catching exercise balls thrown from the stadium roof.

17.2M Views (4 Videos)

The boys team up with Nerf to bring you a series of increasingly fast-paced challenges featuring their newest lineup of foam-launching blasters.


We use the newly released DJI Mavic Mini to film a high intensity game involving dice rolls and lots of running up stairs... And then drop a car 45m onto a giant axe blade.


To celebrate the start of the KFC BBL Cricket season, we use the classic KFC buckets in a series of hectic water-catching competitive challenges.


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