45m Tower


Not to us, LORD, not to us

   but to your name be the glory,

    because of your love and faithfulness. – Psalm 115:1

The Lord’s love and faithfulness is seriously off-the-charts good. Yeah we’ve got a few subscribers and we are super thankful for that, but our existence isn’t to glorify How Ridiculous. God has been our rock and foundation from day one. His grace is the best gift we (as individuals and as a team) have ever received and we look forward to every new day as an opportunity to make videos that honor Him. As we continue to push the boundaries, working on some crazy new projects and dreaming big, we keep looking upwards for guidance - believing that God knows the best How Ridiculous and trusting Him to get us there!


Our Story

It all started back in 2009... With a basketball, a camera and a hoop.

Undoubtedly if you look through our history (and the Guinness World Records...) you will find a basketball trickshot trail that has been a big part of our early success and establishment as a global brand. But like all good companies, How Ridiculous has adapted and developed. Trickshot content is now one of the many strings to our bow. 

With videos rolling out across our YouTube channel and other socials, new styles of content have emerged! We have found a joy in effectively being us, having fun, laughing a lot and posting it for the world to see. As a team we dare to dream bigger and be ambitious, always looking for creative ways to make something exciting and new!



We are proud Compassion ambassadors, and completely stand behind their model of releasing children from poverty, in Jesus’ name. We actually visited our sponsor children with compassion in 2015. We would love to encourage you to sponsor a child if you haven’t already.