We've been best mates forever. We all met at church as little people and have loved playing sports and doing crazy stuff together since then. Fast forward many years and we're now grown-ups who still love hanging out, doing crazy stuff, inventing new sports and having a load of fun!



Brett Stanford

aka Stanford, #StinkyStanf, B Stanf, Stanfy

Favourite HR video: Soccer Golf from 165m Dam

Best Movie Quote Of All Time: "If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis"

Unpopular opinion: Celery is the devil

Popular opinion: Golf is hard

Biggest Fear: No ice cream in the freezer


Scott Gaunson

aka Gaunson, Gauno44, Gaunie, Scoot

Things you may hear me say from time to time.

  • Shawshank.
  • Shawshank redemption.
  • Bum.
  • Ya dog.
  • Poo bum wee.
  • Freaking ____.
  • Flipping ____.
  • Ya clown.
  • Did someone say KFC?
  • Struth! boysenberry chocolates!
  • Henry!
  • Well that's not in one piece anymore!
  • Son of a bee sting!
  • Its cooked.
  • Give it berries.
  • More berries.
  • Not enough berries.
  • How good.... 

Derek Herron

aka DH, Derron, Derek Douglas, Big Dog

Shoe Size: US10

Height: As tall as the Lord made me but actually 5'8

Greatest Memory: Dom Sheed's goal in the 2018 Premiership, I had a great view of that bad boy!

Best HR Moment: Hands down my frisbee catch

Movie quote: “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. Nobody!”



aka Sexy Rexy, Rexinald, Rex, Dearest Rexy

Birth date: Unknown

Death date: Never

Favourite Place: Gravity Discovery Centre 45m Tower

Number of Feet: 1

Experiences Survived: Frozen in ice, set in concrete, stuck in a water cooler full of water sealed with Line-X, thrown from a helicopter, thrown from 45m tower, bounced sky high on a trampoline, smashed by Thor's Hammer, smashed by Hulk's Fist, smashed by an Atlas Stone, dodged a giant dart, burnt by the sun through giant glass ball, thrown off a 45m tower while being taped to an Xbox, thrown off a 45m tower while being taped to a PS4, crushed between a car and a giant stump, being cut in half after the giant axe I was sitting on got hit by a falling washing machine, shot at by a WW2 tank, booted by Gaunson in the Dubai desert, launched by a car airbag cannon, being on a basketball that is inflated until it explodes + many more to come.

Best HR Moment: life-saving surgery at the hospital after being cut in half